Preserving Land and Resources

The villagers in rural parts of Laos are a self-sustaining people.  TABI (The Agricultural and Biodiversity Initiative) and pFALUPAM (participatory Forest and Agricultural Land Use Planning Allocation Management) are working together in order to engage and educate villages on various types of land use, such as crop rotation and slash/burn methods.  It’s a pretty intensive process – maps are used to identify current land use based on satellite imagery.  Area used by the villagers are then sectioned off based on geography and are assigned a proposed land use pattern.  Workers from TABI and pFALUPAM spend weeks at a time in the field gathering information about the village, villagers, and the areas they use to provide for themselves.  The group tries to reach at least 7 areas per village so the soil and biodiversity of the area has a chance to replenish itself, making the villagers more successful and sustainable over time.

After our meeting this morning, I got to visit a village in the Chomphet district.  Below are some pictures I captured along the way:

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